Comprehensive Services with Our Patients in Mind



Comprehensive Eyecare and Professional Services

During your eye exam you will have a thorough health history and an automated visual fields-the latest in Frequency Doubling Technology, to provide state of the art perimetry for diagnosing Glaucoma and Neurological as well as Retinal pathology. Additional testing will be done for a host of ocular diseases and disorders. Most exams will include Dilation of the patients eyes to provide the most thorough exam. All testing is in additIon to determining refractive error for glasses, bifocals and contact lenses.

We've recently added a Topcon Maestro OCT for in depth evaluation of Macular Degeneration, Diabetes and Glaucoma.

Advice: Professional and with a Definite Sense of Style

What frames look best on you? What glasses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits? Each customer has individual requirements in terms of vision correction. With our opticians you can count on getting competent, personal and detailed advice.

Adjustment and Care: We're Happy to Help

Your glasses don't sit properly on your face any more? The arm on your frames is broken or twisted? Our friendly team is always here to handle small adjustments, repairs or cleaning for you immediately and most can be done free of charge. Free nose pads for patients who purchase glasses in our shop.


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